Sick Child in Maryland Needs Help
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    Default Sick Child in Maryland Needs Help

    My crochet friends nephew is a military child age 5 years. Ryan was recently diagnose with Leukemia (3 weeks ago) and he and his mom flew back to the States so that Ryan could undergo treatments at Walter Reed. Ryan will be hospitalized for up to 8 months and started Chemo last week. He has AML (Leukemia)

    Being a Military family they have little extra money to use for tutoring him. He was able to start Kindergarten but only went something like 4 days before becoming extremely ill.

    Do any of you have ANY suggestions of where his mom might find a volunteer to tutor him in Kindergarten...he will not allow his mom to teach him.

    Thank you all in advance!!
    Kaye (Kayellen)

    This is Ryan

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    My suggestion would be to tell them about Time4Learning, and to allow the child to think he is learing from the computer. If he has questions, then Mom will be there to help him out. Really, T4L is very entertaining and I think that a child who has a whole lot of seriousness going on woud surely enjoy the entertainment. I'm not sure that he would be required to start school this year anyway, but T4L would meet the requirements for Maryland.
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