Ok, homeschoolers, I am going to vent, get ready!
I'm a taxpayer, really, and my taxes go to support public school, you know, things like books, classrooms, curricula, band, art, sports, foreign language programs. And, my child doesn't take advantage of those things because, well, she is homeschooled. But, I'm still taxed for them.
Wait just a second! As I look back through the checkbook, hmm, I wrote a check for books, mortgage (let us call it "classroom" for purpose of this illustration), T4L (ok, credit card), piano lessons, art lessons, Tae Kwon Do, Spanish class....didn't I already pay for this stuff once? (looking back at my tax returns) YEP! I've already paid for this stuff once...err....make that twice!
I'm sick and tired of paying for it twice. I think I should get a tax break, or an allowance. How much money is the state/county allowing for each public school child? I'll tak half that amount as a tax credit, or as a cash allowance to purchase things for my homeschool. How does that sound?
Anyone else sick and tired? Let us hear from you. What do you think of this idea? Is it a pipe dream?