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    I have a 7 year old that is in 1st grade and he has missed alot of school from him being sick and from him having problems with other kids. I am tired of having to take him to school kicking and screaming. I am wanting to homeschool him and I was just wondering how difficult it really is. I cant see my son struggling anymore.

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    I know what you mean....
    Six years ago my then 1st grader hated school, was bored, ADHD, gifted, and opinionated. By October of that school year she had already missed 7 days from being sick, and we had been reported. She was immature, and also by October, they told us she would not pass to second grade because she was too immature, and non-compliant. I was in the office 3-4 times a week, every evening was a fuss and fight with my daughter about why her behavior sucked so badly. Every morning was a fuss and fight to get her up, dressed, fed, and to school on time. We were often late.

    By November they told me my options were to allow the principal (male, 6'4" tall) paddle her (40 pound 1st grade girl) or suspend her. What??!!?? It was like they were giving up on her 1st grade. And once she got labelled, it was going to be fight with the school for the rest of her educational career...

    Want to know why they were going to paddle her or suspend her? The teacher was giving the class busy work (trust me when I tell you my daughter hates busy work!) and my daughter asked if it was going to get graded. The teacher told her no, that it was to keep them busy. My daughter told the teacher she would not do busy work, that if she (the teacher) didn't think that the work was important enough to waste her time grading it, then it was not important enough for her (my daughter) to waste her time doing it. Well...hmm...she did have a point there...they just weren't used to a 1st grader making that sort of point about wasting time I suppose.

    Over the Thanksgiving break I introduced her to Time4Learning, and she was so excited it was difficult to contain her. I left her in school until Christmas break because I hated for her to miss the festivities that occur in elementary school during that month. The day I told her it was her last day she jumped up and down, clapped, hugged me, yelled and asked when we started homeschool. Trust me when I tell you that I was so stressed out I cried every day, you see, I had been a strong, opinionated anti-homeschooler!

    Time4Learning was just what we both needed, it planned my lessons, and kept record for me, it made sure I didn't skip teaching something vital...

    For my daughter, she loves the color, the movement, the sound, the pace she can do school at, the lack of mindless repetition.
    Six years later I will honestly tell you that I do not regret the decision to homeschool, in fact, I can't imagine any other way of educating my daughter now!

    I will not tell you that life is easy, or perfect as a homeschooler, but it is so much better than it was when my daughter went to public school, I'll take it!!!

    If you have questions please feel free to ask, and good luck with your decision!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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    Default Homeschooling is tough but worth it.

    I am so sorry to hear about the problems your child was having. Our son was also the victim of his public schools malicious attitude towards children. The conditions at Orchard Grove Elementary School in Frederick Maryland were almost as appalling as their treatment of children who did not snap right into place on day one.

    What was even sadder was the implementation of the PBIS system, which is designed to publicly canabalize those kids to intimidate the others into behaving.

    My son, who is not one to be intimidated was not welcome at the school I pay taxes for. I removed him before they did much more to harm his reputation for future school years.

    Homeschooling has been challenging, but worth it. School systems set out to destroy children who do not fit in like Lego pieces, so if you feel your child is being harmed, they probably are. You can at least homeschool for awhile while you search for alternatives.

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