Not everyone will have the same problem or complaint about homeschooling in Maryland. What is your biggest obstacle? What would you like to see changed? Do you have a suggestion for getting around an obstacle? I'll list what I see as a problem, and I would encourage you to offer your opinions.
In reading the rules/laws/statutes regarding homeschooling in Maryland, a big problem that I see is that the evaluations seem to be very subjective. The law states that a child must must receive a "regular, thorough instruction" and that the instruction must be "of sufficient duration to implement the instruction program". The questions posed here are a)what defines regular and thorough? b)what defines of sufficient duration? and c)how do they decide? The reviews seem to be something to hold over the heads of parents. Should the superintendant or his designee "decide" you are not in compliance (what defines compliance?) you have only 30 days to fix the problem, or cease homeschooling.
Maybe I'm overreacting? Weigh in and let us know what you consider your biggest obstacle. Please!!