Would like suggestions for record-keeping.
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    Default Would like suggestions for record-keeping.


    I am in Maryland and will be registering my son this year. We plan on taking a child-led approach for most subjects. I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to keep records for the reviews. Suggestions?


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    Netty, when you say "child-led" are you talking about "unschooling"? I'm not sure I know enough about unschooling to tell you how to keep records for that. You can use a portfolio method, where you keep samples of his work in a folder. The portfolio method shows progress and lets you show examples of his work. A couple of other things that I have seen people do is keep a blank calendar and list on each day of the calendar what they did in school that day, a "dayplanner" type book would work, or sometimes dollar stores will have teacher planning and record books where you could keep up with what you did for school each day. This also allows you to keep attendance records, marking what days you did school, and what days you did not. Record things like field trips, educational games he plays, and anything else you consider educational. I hope you find something here that will help you. Hope to see you around the forum!
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