1. bailbrae - 06-15-2010, 02:53 PM - permalink
    There are many people who think that TV watching = brain rot, lol. While I can certainly agree with that to a point (obviously depending on what's being watched and for how long), not all TV is bad or evil.

    My kids have definitely benefited from certain television programs. Take for instance Mythbusters - I can't tell you how many times by boys have tried to plan their own science lesson around a mythbusters experiment. There are also shows such as "Life" and "Planet Earth" that are considerably educational. Geography, Ecology, Biology and Natural History are just some of the subjects that are touched on in these programs.

    So what about you guys? Would you ever grab the popcorn, plop down on your sofa and call out "time for school?"
  2. mvpweb - 06-17-2010, 08:34 AM - permalink
    I found a really good series on Netflix. It's called Liberty's Kids. Basically, there are 3 or 4 fictional characters that are living in the time of the American Revolution. Two are reporters working for Benjamin Franklin. They journey all over the New World meeting historical figures and witnessing historical events as they unfold. Interestingly, one journalist is a colonial and the other is a loyal British citizen. So, you see both sides from their eyes.

    The kids and I have really enjoyed watching and discussing the series.

    Does anyone else have suggestions on series that can make learning more fun?
  3. bailbrae - 06-22-2010, 06:19 AM - permalink
    Hi! That sounds like a great show that I need to check out with the boys!

    I don't really have any "scripted" TV shows that I know to be super educational. Of course, there are the shows like Mythbusters, Time Warp, Life, Planet Earth and such that are good.

    Hopefully some of the other members can chime in with things they have found!