I do have questions regarding what to expect at the end of year from the school system.

We have been bullied by the school system for years and after the last go-around with the school, I finally pulled my daughter out of the broken system.

I was told repetitively that homeschooling was NOT an option. In January I received the permission from the superintendent that my letter of intent and curriculum were accepted and that we could start homeschooling.

My daughter missed all of 5th grade and was moved into 6th grade. I asked them to hold her back when she was in 1st grade as she missed so much school due to her anxiety and what can only be classified as a mysterious tactile issues with clothes.

In March I set her up with 5 grade classes in all but math; where she struggles most and placed her in 4th grade for that. She really enjoys the T4L setup and has enjoyed the lessons being done at her pace. I free this is perfect for her learning style.

What should I expect when the school asks for her portfolio? I was told she would have to be tested to see if she is on par. She won't be as a 6th grader. I just want to be prepared for when that time comes, guessing sometime in June.

Any thoughts on how to be prepared? Does anyone have experience with what they will be looking for?

Thanks in advance.