I was hoping to get information from local parents who are homeschooling in my area. I have been battling my local school system for almost five draining long years. I have two high functioning special ed children on the Autism spectrum. I am very unpleased with the way the school system is not teaching the way they learn but rather a universal way for everyone despite the IEP. Despite my journey with each child, my learning ABA inside and out, my implementing learning strategies and visuals at home, obtaining home ABA services, I am still fearful I won't be able to effectively homeschool. I fear that they will not get enough interactions with other children from field trips, etc. I am also fearful of not knowing how long to homeschool them for.

Is there any way that any local parents in this area can give me some insight into the home schooling world as I am deathly afraid but extremely exhausted and sick everyday I send them to school knowing I could possibly be doing more?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
Wendy Rego