Hi everyone, I'm a high school junior in MA and traditional schooling is misery for me. I go to a tech school and I'm in a shop I have no intention of making a career of, I have little to no choice in my schedule, and my classes are moving at the wrong pace for me. Most of my teachers aren't working well for me either, but I can't "teacher shop" so I'm stuck with what I have; and incredibly unhappy. I have presented homeschooling to my parents and if I can prove to them that I can learn and excel without the constant guidance of a teacher, then I'm in. By November, I will potentially be designing my own curriculum and doing my own research. The idea of mostly teaching myself is so exciting because I love independent research!

Anyway, are there any good resources out there, such as free online textbooks or lessons? I intend to structure my schedule loosely so there's plenty of "wiggle-room" for me to expand what I'm interested in and focus on my weak points.

We don't have a lot of money, so I'm trying to get a hold of as many free or inexpensive resources as possible.