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    Smile New Here and New to Homeschooling

    Hi! I'm Janis, and I live on the South Shore. I am taking to plunge into homeschooling because my oldest son has ADHD and CAPD and has been having a very hard time at school, and the teachers just don't understand him. The other day, they sent him by ambulance to the psych emergency room! So, we decided he won't be going back to school. I've been feverishly researching to figure out what I have to to withdraw him from middle school (6th grade) and start homeschooling, and then looking around and gathering notes on what I need to teach him, what supplies I'll need, and how I will actually teach him at home.

    I have a few online friends that have given me wonderful resources, so now I just need to put it all together! I also have his science and history class syllabus to I'm going to go off those for this year. I'm interested in the Sexon math, and I don't know about anything else yet. We only have one income, so I need to get as much as I can from the library, free online, or purchase used for low prices. We are going to start slow, with reading and math every day (Math that I make up myself, print from computer, or find at the library), as I prepare for the rest of the subjects and create a general plan for the rest of the year.

    Oh, and I'm teaching secular. And I think I'm going to end up being sort of eclectic and laid back.. but not unschooling, but not very rigid and scheduled. I work from home, and I must be available for transcription calls throughout the day at different times of the day, so I'll school around that, or set him up so that he will be doing independent work while I work.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!

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    Hi Janis, and welcome! Thanks so much for that great introduction! Time4Learning sounds like it could be a great fit for you and your son. It's secular and it's online based. It can be as structured or as laid back as you need, and you don't have to worry about lesson plans (everything is already pretty much laid out for you). Also, it's a great program for independent if you get a call or need to be pulled away from your son, there's a good chance that he can continue with his T4L lessons until you can get back to him.

    Nice meeting you as well, and looking forward to chatting with you more!
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