As homeschoolers, we don't necessarily TRY and separate ourselves from the public and/or private school kids. If you live in neighborhoods, the kids probably play together. Many of us participate in rec departments locally.

But what do you do if you need to interact with the school system? For instance, my youngest child needs speech therapy. Our consultation with the therapist said he definitely needed the therapy, but the insurance company decided that at age 5, it's not medically necessary - but at age 6 it would be categorized as a "developmental delay" so it would then be medically necessary (GRRR for the insurance companies, lol). So we were referred to the public school system. I was told that the school system cannot turn us away, even though he is not enrolled in school. Having said that though, that doesn't mean that they will welcome me with warm smiles and joy...

Also there is the sports issue. My oldest son plays soccer. He has played for the last 6 years and loves it! Unfortunately the age limit for the rec department is 14. That's because at that age, they can start playing for the high school. But what are we going to do if he is still homeschooled at the time he starts high school?

Have any of you had to work with the public school system on anything in your homeschooling journey? How did that go? Do you have any suggestions for those of us who haven't yet dealt with them, but will have to?