Hello All,

My 9yo(4th grade) son is currently in Dracut, MA public school. His birthday is in August, he is one of the youngest one in his class. His grades are OK: a mix of B,B+,A,A+. I want him to stay back 1 year, but his current teacher told me he can't because his grades are not bad, but as his mom, I know he can benefits a lot from this "slow cook" process, especially his comprehension skills. If I home school, can I tell the school district even through the public school want him to move onto the 5th grade, but I-the mom still want him to work on his 4th grade materials especially comprehension area at home, and if we decided later on to go back to public school(different town), he can be in 5th grade the following Sept- staying back 1 year by my home school? In other words: can I tell the school district whichever grade I want him to be on when I submit my papers? Thanks in advance for all your help.