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    Unhappy special needs testing

    I love the odysey learner but I am finding the testing too difficult for my special needs child. I find it unneccessary, and feel that it is enough that I brought my child through the material. He is in third grade right now and has a very short term memory due to his adhd and other issues. Do others feel this way? Is it neccessary? Is there an alternative to teaching a child with special needs with out all the testing that I can do?
    I would love feedback.

    Completely frustrated.

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    Hi Debbie, and welcome. I'm so sorry you're frustrated. As far as whether or not testing is necessary within T4L? The simple answer is no. T4L doesn't require anything of you (your school board however, may be a different story...just make sure you understand the MA homeschool laws, and check with your school board if necessary). You can pick and chose each activity your son works on if you desire. You can even go in order and just skip the tests. The only problem you will encounter would be that those quizzes/tests would not be marked as completed, so it may look like there are unfinished activities in each chapter. But if you know that, and it doesn't mess with your flow and your school day, then no biggie. Even if no chapter is marked "complete," you'll know that he did everything in the chapter. And if you print off reports, even if there are no test scores, you should be able to assess whether he knows the material he was presented with.

    While I can't give personal advice about homeschooling a wee one with special needs, we do have a great special needs forum that you can pop into, to see how other families use T4L, what they supplement with, how they do things, etc. Hope that helped, at least a little...
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