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    I'm moving to Massachusetts in Oct and just read there homeschooling laws. We used time 4 learning last year and wanted to try out Alpha Omega this year and my daughter is kindergarten. Do they allow Alpha Omega or should we stick to time 4 learning??? I'm kind of at a lost right now on what to do. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    I would recommend checking with the school superintendent of the town you will be moving to. Good luck

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    No state's homeschool laws dictate what curriculum you must or may not use. Time4Learning has many member families in Massachusetts.

    Massachussetts does give a lot of leeway to the superintendent. You need to seek approval from them, and they can ask for pretty much anything they want to see to satisfy themselves that the child will be appropriately educated. They can't require a home visit, and "The approval of a home school proposal must not be conditioned onrequirements that are not essential to the State interest in assuring that all the children shall beeducated."

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