Hi everyone...I finally took the plunge and ordered T4L for my first grader today. We've come to our last quarter of our school year and it took me this long to get here. We've used so many different homeschooling books this year (our first year homeschooling) that have literally gone to waste because they didn't work for us. I wish I would have understood more about learning styles and such when we started out this year.

Anyway, we started out today planning to just browse some of the lessons. I had already printed out the scope and sequence so I had an idea what we were going to be doing. My daughter had a good time. The concept of "recess" after learning seems to work well for her. She hates workbooks so the idea of learning when you don't realize your learning is fantastic. I also like being able to print out her grades for my gradebook that I keep of records.

One thing she really liked was the fluency section of language arts. She hates to read! When she did her initial read-through of the story, she didn't do very well. She sort of felt a little let down about that. However, I didn't let her get frustrated and walk away. We listened to it being read aloud a few more times and then she gave it another try. She made it to a third of the way to meet her reading goal. She was so excited.

I think planning is going to take some getting used to but once we figure it out, I think we're going to love it!