1st grade math: whole numbers section...am I missing something?
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    Default 1st grade math: whole numbers section...am I missing something?

    My daughter just did this section tonight, it only consisted of the "whole numbers tutorial". I am very disappointed with this unit. First, it was extremely boring compared to everything else we have done on T4L and seemed like it was geared more towards an older grade. It did not have all the fun animation and explanations that we are used to at all. She actually had to read a lot of it herself, or could click on certain lines to hear the computer read it. We are used to the lessons just talking on their own and not having to do so much reading. Secondly, it did not explain enough at all for her to be able to do the quiz. In the first question, most of the answers were numbers with decimals. In the second question, the answers had fractions. I understand that my daughter was supposed to pick the whole number out and not one of the decimals or fractions, but she has never even seen a decimal point or fraction to know what they are. Nothing in T4L's math to this point has even introduced them. Therefore she was very confused on what to do. I made her stop after the second question because I didn't have time right then to try to explain to her what a decimal point or fraction was and how they were not whole numbers. Am I missing something about this lesson, because I am so disappointed with it? We LOVED kindergarten T4L, and so far LOVE the 1st grade LA, but if this is how the 1st grade math will be going I am wondering if this program isn't for us. I am not a homeschooler, just supplementing my daughter who loves to learn and do extra workbooks, etc.

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    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats. I like this for my kids. They really respond to the animated lessons, but the less animated, text based lessons will help them transition to textbooks when necessary.

    Are you using the worksheets? I've found that I really need to use them for a first grader, and first graders usually need help filling out a worksheet. Kids get more independent with the program as they get older.

    The tutorials crop up occasionally, and they are all formatted the same way. In the lesson you mentioned, all of the text is clickable, to be read aloud to the student. I did have to explain to my kids that they first click on the text on the left (for information), then the text at the bottom of the right (for instructions about the interactive activity), then do the interactive activity as instructed.

    Math skills haven't come easily to any of my children. I've sat with all of them while they did their math lessons, until they were quite a bit older.

    Good luck to you both!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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