2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!
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    Default 2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!

    Okay, all you mothers of 2nd grade boys, I'd love to know what you do to keep your boys busy all day. How much T4L each day and whatever else you do to supplement. My boy has way to much time on his hands. I know more "school" is not the answer for him. I want to instill a love for learning and offer him opportunities and interests that meet his unique personality. Problem is, I just have not been able to figure out what makes him tick! He is the only boy in a house full of girls---thank goodness for neighborhood friends!

    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!

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    Default Re: 2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!

    we do a lot of things during the day ... but we also have down time as well. we read, play a LOT of lego's, video games, we have a few tv shows we watch, we have some creative time, lots of arts and crafts, they help with chores, outside time, family game time .. and school.
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    Default Re: 2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!

    The answer to this can be tricky. If a child was previously in a traditional school setting where 6/7/8 hours of their day was prescribed for them (plus extra curriculars and/or homework/meals/etc) then they simple are not used to being creating something for themselves to do. I don't know if this is the case for the OP or not but I bet it is for others reading this thread. All in all it takes time for children to make the switch and learn how fill their time.

    Boredom is a GOOD thing in my honest opinion. It is during those times kids become resourceful and creative and begin to explore their world, or play, in new ways. Sure it is a good idea to have some things available that will encourage this like the previous poster mentioned. And a couple of outings a week can't hurt either. But really, don't feel like you need to fill your kid's day. A child with downtime has a rare commodity in this day age.

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    Default Re: 2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!

    If you have the means, I'd give him something new each day and see what he does with it. Set something in front of him (legos, paints, clay, a book, random recyclable objects, train tracks) and let him roll. Maybe set a time limit, so he feels a need to get something done with his "project time." I'd also make a rule of no mindless time absorbing activities during certain hours or on certain days. Remember too that some things usually reserved for free time on a public school schedule can be very useful for a child to learn. Encourage a new hobby or club, like a foreign language, sports, art classes, choir, awana, a co-op, etc. We have found that there's little "staying at home" for many homeschoolers. [I read recently that the average homeschooler is involved in 4 extracurricular activities. ] Some downtime is a good thing, but for hte most part, we're too busy being out to find much room for boredom.

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    Default Re: 2nd grade boy is bored! Suggestions welcomed!!!

    I have 3rd grade boy who is almost never bored. He likes to build stuff do science experiments and even cook. He and his older sister like making forts in the basement with pillows and blankets and he likes to play spy and stuff. They had a great time making a movie which my husband video taped after they rehearsed for hours. It was hilarious. When he is own his own, he likes to build the challenging 8-14 yr star war lego and bionicles. He plays with his army guys and has an erector set. The snow has been great too, he goes "ice mining" in the big snowdrift made by our driveway plow. He spends plenty of time with video games and TV too. When he his not too busy playing, he will sometimes help clean with me. He like the big projects like mopping the wood floors or I just tell him to by my runner and he puts things away all over the house for me when we pick up. We make a game out of it. Use your imagination and he will!

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    I have to agree that boredom is good for kids. My son (9 next month) is an only child with an OLD mom who can't do a lot of running and rough play. There's an appliance store across the street from us and I've drug home refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer boxes because his FAVORITE thing to play with is a cardboard box big enough for him to climb inside. He's spent hours (alone) rearranging his "neighborhood." Sometimes he will come get me to admire his arrangement or to cut another window or door; sometimes he'll tell me to count to 10 and then come "find" him. I knock on all of the boxes and look in ridiculous places...like the clothes dryer or under a chair, etc. before I finally find him, giggling like crazy. He could play this game all day and night, but I limit him to 3-5 times depending on what else I have to do and how tired I am. He sometimes gets really annoyed with me for not continuing or for not playing in the first place......but within 5minutes he's doing something else full tilt and if I pass through the room he says, "Hi mama, I LOVE you!" All is forgiven....I'm not required to "entertain" him.

    I was an only child raised by a single, working mother (parents divorced before I was one) and I know what it's like to live in an apt. with no neighborhood children with whom to play. My mother read every night after dinner dishes and baths until she went to bed. Sometimes on the weekend, after chores, she would read in the afternoon as well. She never felt compelled to organize my time for me. She went to work and I went to school. On Saturdays she cleaned the house and I did the laundry and we did the weekly shopping. On Sundays we went to church and sometimes to my grandma's for lunch. I didn't know it then, but we were kinda poor.

    In the summer, I stayed with my grandmother. She lived across the street from a grade school and down the block from a high school. At the grade school kids could come and check out balls and jump ropes and games....board games. The high school offerred 'free' swimming lessons but you had to pay 25cents for the suit and the towel....nobody locked the lockers we used for our dry clothes. I would sometimes go to the playground and play games with the other kids. I took all the swimming lessons I could...usually 3X/week. Mostly I hung out with my gram. She was a seemstress and she made all of my clothes. She taught me to sew and we would play cards for HOURS...canasta mostly with FOUR decks....we made up our own rules and really enjoyed each other's company. Sometimes both my gram and I would sit and read our own books....sometimes we would read parts of our books to the other...but mostly we were just quietly comfortable in each other's company. Once I learned to read, my mom got me a public library card and told me NEVER to go anywhere without a book to read......I live by this admonition even today. I don't remember ever being bored as a child....though I'm sure I had my moments .... having to fill my OWN time made me independent and interested in figuring things out for myself. I see these qualities in my son and it warms my mother's heart.

    If you read "The Hurried Child" or any of David Elkind's other books, you'll find he makes a very strong case for not over-managing or over-loading kids, especially young children....kids need quiet time to think and reflect. Elkind wrote many of his books well over a decade ago BEFORE the proliferation of video games and computers in every home; before almost everyone on the planet had a cell phone, before texting and twitter. Too many of today's kids only have down time when they're asleep and according to recent research, today's kids aren't getting enough SLEEP!

    I like the K'Nex kits for building things....some of them have little motors and your dinosaurs can walk and your ferris wheel can turn. If your kid likes building things and you can afford these, they can be fun and interesting for a kid to do on his own. I always have plain white paper on a clipboard, crayons, colored pencils and WC paints available. I also have books and activity books and lots of books with picture books of animals. My son has videos and a computer he can use to play games on as well. Less you think he lives in a cave....we have a gang of cousins who live close to us (they live on the same lot in different houses) and we visit them 2-5 times a week and we have friends and cousins who come to our house to visit and play as well. We sometimes go to a Wendy's that has one of those big play things in it. And we have a favorite place on the beach where we go often. My son is far more social than I ever was....he'll play with anyone, regardless of age, sex or first language. He will be the first to go up and say 'hi' and will offer to share his shovels and cups and other sand toys.

    The thing is......no matter how much he enjoys visitors or going and playing with his friends and cousins......when everyone leaves/when we come home and walk through that door......I can literally see that he's just as happy to have his own space and his own things all by himself. He'll get a piece of fruit or ask me to pop some popcorn, pull out a bottle of juice, put on one of his videos and settle in with a sigh of contentment...at peace with the world and his place in it. I think that's one of the best things I've given him.....the opportunity to be alone but not lonely.....on his own....but not bored.

    Anyhow, that's MY 52 cents! Cheers! deni.........

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    I have a 2nd grade boy. He builds things out of legos. He writes, illustrates, and binds(usng staples or string) his own books. He also likes the sand pile out back, trains, dinosaurs, super heroes, and army men. He also has educational software on his computer, and he is learning spanish right now. (he chose spanish there were a whole bunch on the software to chose from).

    One way we extend schooling is to have him build something with lego's or draw while listening to music or a book on tape. I also bought some DVD's from sonlight that had how to do math.
    He used to say he was bored and I would give a few suggestions. Now he never says that.

    Yesterday they made money bills. They researched and found who was on each bill. They also found out that bills go up to or used to go up to 100,000. And that Salmon P. Chase is on the 10,000 dollar bill and they know who he is... which I did not even know. But what really surprised me was they said do you know the front and back of a bill has different names ? The front is obverse and the back is reverse. So they are learning even when they are playing.

    Hope this helps

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