2nd Grade LA and LAExtension Question and More...:)
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    Default 2nd Grade LA and LAExtension Question and More...:)

    Hi all...

    I'm a returning user of T4L. My DD should be in third grade, but I'm starting her back in 2nd to keep it easy initially and because she still needs to build up some fluency. My question is this:

    How do you schedule the LA and LAE?

    I know I can divide the lessons by days and so forth, but I'm wondering if anyone could share how they specifically use both of these. So far, I'm thinking of doing LA 'lesson' (not a chapter/but more than 1 section if that makes sense) twice a week, and then maybe doing the LAE on the other 2 days. We HS 4 days a week year-round. Right now, I'm going to work on reading fluency, but what other things do you add--esp as far as writing and spelling?

    Also any suggestions on Science/Social Studies or Math rotation would be helpful too!

    Thank you for any suggestions!


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    Default Re: 2nd Grade LA and LAExtension Question and More...:)

    Hi, Sam. Welcome!

    I am a big believer in presenting very small amounts of material on a frequent basis, and the way I use Time4Learning reflects this.

    Until the third grade level, I like to finish all of the core language arts lessons before my students do the language arts extensions. This is just my personal preference, and not something Time4Learning takes a stance on. The reason is that the extensions seem just a tiny bit more advanced than the core program at this level. The readers in the core program contain a controlled phonics vocabulary. The readers in the extensions aren't difficult, but they still require a more advanced level of reading ability.

    Each of the 22 chapters in the language arts extensions contains four versions of the same reader: Read to Me, Read Along, Read by Myself, and I Can Read. They are provided so that children of various reading abilities can all use the program. The child isn't expected to hear/read the same story four times. I like to use the Read By Myself version (where the child reads the story himself, but can click on a difficult word to hear it pronounced). This means there are three story versions per chapter that are unused, bringing the activity count from 271 to 205.

    Approximately two to three language arts activities per day gets us through the core program in half a school year. Then, we do two to three extensions per day to finish out the year. At this level, I like to make sure my child is doing any comprehension activities immediately following the story, so I just take a look each day and decide whether I want her to do two or three activities, based on the type of lesson activities that are "next".

    There are not very many science or social studies lessons at the second grade level. I started all of my kids in first grade science, to stretch the number of lessons to the max. They are wonderful lessons, and the kids usually enjoy them. I use all of the printables and we just do one thing per day, in the order laid out: one lesson activity, one quiz, one worksheet, or one test. By the time they have "used up" all of the science and social studies lessons, they are almost finished with the core language arts and ready to move on the the language arts extensions, which are all based around a science or social studies concept! I have only felt the need to supplement science and social studies with fun library books about George Washington, weather, animals, etc.

    There's a lot of writing practice in second grade. Look at the Story Creator lessons. They're my daughter's favorites, and we have a notebook filled with her printed stories. You might want to also assign a daily journal entry. My children write about whatever they want in their journals: a story, a poem, a report, a letter, or a diary-like account of their day.

    If you want formal spelling lessons, try SpellingCity. Time4Learning has a list of suggested spelling wordsfor second grade that you can use over there, or you can pull words he misspells from his daily writing and use those as spelling words. I've also included the sight words and vocabulary words contained within the Time4Learning lessons on my kids' spelling lists.

    There are 340 math lesson activities/worksheets/quizzes/tests in second grade. With approximately 200 days in your school year, you could plan on doing two math "things" per day. That would leave wiggle room so you could only do one "math thing" on days when your student needs some off-computer, hands-on practice to understand the concept.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: 2nd Grade LA and LAExtension Question and More...:)

    Thanks, Kelly, for breaking it down for me and taking the time to answer! Can I ask some more questions?

    Really, I feel like I'm starting over with her. We started with T4L in K with a charter school, then did some for 1st grade before going with a boxed curriculum, eclectic style, another boxed curriculum, and now BACK to T4L. We've had a tough time finding our niche, but have learned that the best school is the one that actually gets done. I feel like her learning has been way too sporadic and inconsistent--we have done school, but not in a fluid manner. Gosh, I hope that makes sense, lol!

    I didn't realize there was a spelling list; that helps bunches! I'll going to get her started on that right away, as we have not done much spelling. I've seen Spelling City, but never used it. Did you just go down the list starting with the A's? We really need to work on penmanship also, but I will probably combine that with spelling now. We had been doing journaling, but haven't done it in some time.

    I think I'm going to try the first LAE and see how she does with it...She may be able to read thru them with some help, but if seems to difficult I will finish the regular LA first...thanks for clearning up the different reading formats. It seems like some of the LAE can double up with science/SS, which I really like. I can actaully have a lot of fun with the science/ss stuff! (Most of the time, they don't even realize we are doing 'school' with those!) She is doing Math as I write. We have CLE Math 3 that we will keep working through also.

    Again, thanks for all your help as I work through this!


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