3rd grade LA/ILA style of instruction -- like 3rd grade SS style?
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    Default 3rd grade LA/ILA style of instruction -- like 3rd grade SS style?

    I remember many comments about children having difficulty with some of the 3rd grade material, in terms of the way the material is presented. I'm starting to do some planning for next year and have this question:

    We have already ventured into 3rd grade science and SS and have seen how different they are in terms of their style (and general lack of animation). But the 3rd grade math doesn't seem all that different in style from 2nd grade.

    How was just wondering how 3rd grade LA / ILA style of instruction compares to the 2nd grade? At grade 2, there is almost non-stop animation. I'm not expecting that but I'm not sure we could deal with a style similar to 3rd grade SS and Science. The retention of material presented in 3rd grade SS / Science hasn't been all that great.


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    i'll be honest fairy, i just cannot remember. i have to admit that i'm relying on my 10yo for this answer. *shame shame* he says that the LA was pretty animated, they had what the called word show. but doesn't remember about the LAX.

    does that help? if not ... blame the boy!!
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    The core language arts remains animated and fun throughout eighth grade. The language arts extensions are presented in a variety of formats. You can sample the third grade lessons by choosing some lesson activity numbers from the third grade lesson plans and typing them into the activity finder, or just temporarily increase your child's grade level by clicking the grade level indicator at the upper, right of the screen after selecting a subject icon. Don't mark any of the lessons you preview as complete, so they won't show up on your student's records.

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