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    We just finished 2nd grade math that my son started over the summer. He really did not need to be in the 2nd grade math but it was nice review. We are now in 3rd grade math. But here is my problem.
    My son is on a 1st-2nd grade reading level. He is almost done w/ the 1st grade level of reading. He is so very proud of himself over this, but then we started the 3rd grade math yesterday and he is discouraged. Now there is not an option to have things read to you. Instead he is supposed to read it all himself.
    Instead of moving at his own rate w/o Mom looking over his shoulder (he likes to stand up, sit down wiggle a lot while on the computer-can't do that w/ Mom right there).
    My son usually does his t4ling while we are at work in the afternoon, but now I am having to stop and read his lesson to him. I know about Petey the bird that reads to him. We have that. but it does not read everything.
    Math is my son's best subject, I don't want him to feel discouraged any ideas to keep from me, Mom, from having to read the lesson to him?
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    I think you might be missing the read-aloud function. In a lot of the lessons, all he needs to do is click on the text and it will be read aloud. There isn't anything to indicate that this will happen, though, so maybe you haven't stumbled upon it yet.

    Hover your mouse over the text you want read and you will see a speaker. Click, and you should hear it being read. Teach him to go from left to right and from top to bottom on these lessons. The nice thing is that he can click again and have it repeated if he doesn't understand the first time.

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