3rd Grade Sci and SS for my Aspie
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    Default 3rd Grade Sci and SS for my Aspie

    Hi - I'm Jill and my son, Anthony, has been using T4L for a month now. Anthony is being homeschooled due to Asperger's Syndrome. T4L is perfect for him because of the visual/auditory stimulation it offers. He has been doing great and finished all of the 2nd grade Sci and SS in the first 2 weeks! He then went back and did all the 1st grade Sci and SS.

    Our problem occurred when he went to the 3rd grade Sci and SS modules. Unfortunately, the presentation changed ENTIRELY and the material became nothing more than a printed textbook page to be read silently. Needless to say - you lost him. He continues to do well in the Math and LA sections and the monthly fee is worth it for those items even if he never touches Sci or SS again, but I'm disappointed.

    Does T4L ever plan to change the Sci and SS modules for upper elementary or can anyone offer any suggestions?

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    This is good feedback.
    There are ALOT of families who really like the science and social studies. They like the content, the automated multiple choice questions, and the access to web-based research.

    I personally share your feeling that once students get used to the highly interactive Time4Learning style, the less interactive science and social studies sections are a let-down.

    I'll look into the plans. I think some of the science and social studies have been redone but I'm not sure off hand
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    Hi Jill,
    I thought I'd post this for you and any other parents out there feeling the same way.

    In the Scope and Sequence for any given grade/subject you can pick out the lessons with 5 digit codes and those will be the *highly* interactive lessons that your kids can't help but enjoy.

    Hope this helps!
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    Kris - what a great tip!!!! I'm scouring the S&S now just to set aside some of the more interactive lessons for those days when the boys are just plodding through their work. Excellent!!!

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