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    Default 5th Graders ?

    I was wondering how long it take your 5th Grader to do a Language Arts lesson and a Math lesson.

    10minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes? Just curious how long it take your kids to do the lesson.

    My son seems to get through the LA lessons in between 10-12 minutes and gets 65-88% right. when I tell him he has to do anything he gets less then 80% on he goes through the same lesson again and still 10-12 minutes. I want to make sure he is not just flying through the lessons or if this is what I should expect for 5th grade.

    Math takes him a little longer but he has not had to repeat any lessons in math. He likes math!!!

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    The core language arts don't take very long. You can slow these lessons down (by taking a long time to respond), but it's difficult to race through them, because they are animated and self-running. The language arts extensions often include writing assignments and such. These will take longer.

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