6 grade curriculum?
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    Default 6 grade curriculum?

    I'm going to make this quick so that I don't bore you all but I want to give you all a little bit of history. My son started middle school this year and loves his classes. I homeschooled him for a few years ( I used this program), but stuck him in Public school because he was lonely and asked to go back. He took the standardized tests (teachers were worried he wasn't ready because he had been in public school for less than a month) and passed all three sections with perfect scores (I credit time4learning for those perfect scores) and was placed in GT classes. He is an honor student, participates in extracurricular activities (drama club, writing club, choir, etc.), and is a musician. He leads a very busy life but a few days ago he got into fight with a kid who had been picking on him all year long. Now my son and the kid are being told by the principal that they might be expelled and sent to alternative school! I spoke to the principal but he's still conducting an investigation and told me he'd call as soon as he made a decision.
    There is no way my kid is going to a school where trouble makers are sent. My kid has a speech impediment and has been bullied because of it all year long. I've had to complain to the school adminstrators about it over and over. It has helped with some of the bullying but there are kids who are still doing it. This particular kid got physical and my son defended himself and now he might be punished for it.
    So if I end up homeschooling, I'd like to used the 6th grade curriculum and was wondering what you all thought of it. I am assuming it is a little different than the lower levels (which I has used) or is it the same?
    All opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: 6 grade curriculum?

    not in 6th yet, so i can't answer your question, but i'd like to comment on the situation ...

    i'm sorry you've had such a rough experience. the zero tolerance policy on fighting in school has been helpful in many circumstances, but fails in others. i hope that you are able to resolve the situation and that everything works out for the best.
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    Default Re: 6 grade curriculum?

    My daughter uses this 6th grade curriculum and loves it. We have used T4L for about 4 yrs now and really enjoy it. I hope everything works out smoothly for you and your family!
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    Default Re: 6 grade curriculum?

    We started T4L last year with the 6th grade area for my 6th grade son and I think its great! We are using it this year for my other son and I actually think the few changes they made over the summer improved it!

    As for the fighting thing, sounds a lot like that happened with my son. He is TALL. Last year at beginning of 6th grade he was 6ft and there was an 8th grader his height in the school and a couple teachers, otherwise he was the tallest. He had been taunted about it and 3 kids decided to jump him one day in hall. He fought back but was suspended for it because of zero tolerance thing. That was the straw on our back because of how it handled or lack thereof. We pulled him the next day and have homeschooled since.

    Keep us posted on what the school says about your son!!

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    Default Re: 6 grade curriculum?

    I have 6th grade twins. This is the second year with t4L. It seems to be challenging them just enough without being too difficult. I was pleased when we visited their cousin who is in 6th grade at a Charter, Core school and they were able to compare his math with what they were doing and found it comparable, if theirs was not more challenging. We've been very happy with t4l so far, I plan on giving my kids a standardized test after every year to see how they stack up and also we go through the "What my Child Needs To Know" books over the summer after each grade to fill in the gaps. Hope that helps!
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