6th grade Language Arts ?
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    Default 6th grade Language Arts ?

    We are new to T4L (just did our first lesson on Friday) and need a little help....okay this might be a dumb question but: what is considered a lesson? I ask because we are using this for our homeschooling language arts and I would like to know what is reasonable to expect of my 6th grader. A lot of the curriculums we use are divided into 180 lessons (or some similar #) based on the number of school days. This helps us divide up the work so we can make sure to get it done in the school year (yes - my kids still like to have summers free ). By the way we are still going to use Spelling Power, Handwriting without Tears, and Wordly Wise.

    So far we *love* T4L!!

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    Take a look at the sixth grade language arts Lesson Plans. You will see that each chapter is divided into several lessons and each lesson is composed of several lesson activities.

    If you choose to use all of the extension activities, there are 269 lesson activities in the sixth grade language arts curriculum. You could divide 269 by the number of days left in your school year to come up with the number of lesson activities your student needs to do each day in order to finish the sixth grade level.

    Some families choose not to use the extension activities. I counted quickly, but it looks like there are 133 lesson activities without the extension activities. Many families do just the basic language arts (133 lessons) and then pick and choose from among the extension activities.

    I hope this helps you plan your school year.

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