6th Math Records ?
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    Default 6th Math Records ?

    I am reviewing my son's math scores in the records section and I noticed that the 6th grade math does not do lessons then a quiz like the science and ss does. Instead it does a lesson and a lesson quiz activity. Another words there is not a circle thing under the lessons listed that said quiz.

    So when I go to the records it just shows all the lessons and lesson quizzes in the learning activity section. Due to this his over all score shows up low. As he usually does not score very high while he is doing the learning activities cause he is, well learning. But by the time he gets to the quiz he normally scores between 80-90%. That makes this Momma happy. But I can't show that in his report because there is no way to separate the two.

    I can't run a report for Lesson quizzes because they are not separated.

    Am I making any since? Is there a reason why this is set up different then the other subjects?

    Also is there any reason why the type size increases to HUGE by the third page of the reports?
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    OK We use Level 5 Math and it is the same way. I never noticed. Hmmmmm I see what you mean now. I guess I never ran the report taking out just the learning lessons....I just did it myself. I remove the lowest learning activity score (to not penalize for actual learning) but I leave any quiz scores (also to penalize if she wasnt ready to quiz but did anyhow without studying the info enough). Can you tell me how you run your reports and figure grades???
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    I don't know about the type size. Members have reported a variety of surprising things when printing reports and lesson plans. They always print just fine for me, and there doesn't seem to be any consistency in what members experience. I suspect it has to do with your own system's configuration.

    The newer math lessons are set up like the core language program: The tests/quizzes are integrated as part of the program instead of being separate. It really does improve the flow, and the children are less likely to "forget" to do a quiz or test, but it does present a challenge when you want JUST the test scores. The only way I know of to do this is to manually pick them out from your report.

    We do report to Compass periodically, and we'll include this as a concern.


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