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    Default 8th grade spelling list / reading list

    Hi everyone. We just started a free trial of time 4 learning & we love it but there are two questions I can't seem to find answers to. Can you help?

    First, the spelling list: I see a comprehensive, alphabetized list of words for eighth graders, but are they used somewhere in the curriculum, or is the list posted for us to use elsewhere (spelling city)? How have you parents used the spelling lists?

    Also, there is a reading list for every grade but eighth. Is there no reading list for eighth grade? Anyone have a recommendation for a good reading list we might use on the side?

    Thanks for the help. My 8th grader loved her "first day of school" using the trial and I intend to continue with it!

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    Hi, Michelle. Welcome!

    There is no prepared reading list for eighth grade. All of the required reading material for eighth grade is included online, as part of the curriculum. This is in the form of online "books", with "pages" to turn and extra features. Most of the items on the reading lists are suggested, supplementary material. These are books by the same author, or on the same topic, as what the student is currently studying. If additional reading is desired, you can easily find this type of supplementary material on your own.

    There is a unit in the language arts extensions called "Applying Spelling Stategies". This doens't have traditional spelling lists, but it does include several lessons designed to help an eighth grader who already has a grasp of basic spelling. Parents who feel their student needs additional spelling often use the lists we have provided. A great place to obtain online practice, and even take the weekly spelling test independently, is SpellingCity. The site is free, although there is a paid premium membership available that includes extra games and reports.

    I'm glad your student is enjoying Time4Learning!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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