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    I'm new to T4L and my lesson previews are showing up on my son's report. Can I delete my entries and how can I prevent this? I'm hitting the Home key and they are still showing up on report.

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    If you are not marking the lessons as complete during your preview, then I'll bet you are looking under the Recent Work tab instead of the Reports tab. The portfolio defaults to the Recent Work tab and ALL program access appears under that tab . . . even parent previews and incomplete work. Items under Recent Work stay there for a maximum of one month. It's a good place to quickly check on program access.

    You want to click on the actual Reports tab, near the top of the portfolio. Only COMPLETED work appears there (so your parental previews won't show up, unless you accidentally marked the activity as complete). This is where you should view and print your student's reports, which you can customize to contain the information you need. Information under this tab should remain there as long as your subscription doesn't lapse but, because no technology is 100% perfect, it's a good idea to print a weekly report, just in case. (I have several years of information for each of my kids under that tab.)

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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