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    Default Adding science and social studies

    My dd age 5 is currently registered as a kindergartener, but I think she is ahead of all of the lessons, none are really challenging. I would also like to add science and social studies. I know I can change her level permanently to grade 1 in order to get these, but then will all of the "k" lessons for math and la be gone from the menu? She really enjoys doing them, and I think they are good review, so I don't want them to be gone!

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    When you request a level change, you do it for each subject. A student can be working at several different grade levels. Requesting the addition of science and social studies should not affect her math and language arts levels at all.

    Request this through the same link you would use to adjust a grade level (by logging in as a parent and clicking on Update My Child's Education Level). Instead of using the little form that pops up for your email, you might want to just freely type your instructions (since the form is designed for an actual level change, not additions).

    Since you have her in K for math and language arts, you should also have access to first grade math and language as explained here.

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