Adjust childs time??
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    Question Adjust childs time??

    I was just wondering what the effect is of adjusting the child's time settings? It sounds pretty self-explanitory, maybe I am just overthinking it. If it is set for 15 min does that mean they can only access the material for 15 minuets?

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    Hi, Siren!

    You set the MINIMUM amount of time your child must work before being allowed access to the Playground. The timer counts down to zero and then your child MAY use the Playground, but he will not be "kicked off" his lessons and forced to go immediately. Most parents tell their kids to finish the lesson activity they are working on before going to the Playground.

    Once the Playground is accessed, the timer begins to count down again. You will have set the MAXIMUM amount of time your child is allowed to remain at the Playground. This time, when the timer counts down to zero, your student WILL be "kicked out" of the Playground. He won't have Playground access again until he has again completed at least the amount of lesson time you have set.

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