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    Default Advanced in English

    Ok here is my question....

    When I first started this program for my son he was just finishing the last of his month with Ablaze Academy. (again great program just too expensive) Anyhow, he completed his 8th grade english course and advance to Freshman year English. I know AWESOME right? Less then one sememster and he advanced a whole year!

    My problem is now how do we continue? Can he do highschool level english through time4learning? Or do you reccomend something to suppliment? Or should I just let him focus on the other subjects and do the language arts here as sort of a continual brush up and practice?

    He was about half way through social science/civics there too but you can never get enough of that stuff so he loves going over it. Plus i am a firm believer that public schools just simply do NOT educate our children intensivly enough in this area.

    I am open to suggestions anyone may have.

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    Time4Learning does not currently offer high school. I know that they are looking at so there is some hope. Probably not for this school year.

    There is nothing as good as Time4Learning out there so if you are used to it you're a little spoiled....

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    Time4Learning's English/Language Arts program goes through eighth grade. I'm having two of my highschool-age children do level seven and level eight language arts through Time4Learning, though. It's more thorough than anything else we've used, and certainly more interesting.

    I add extra writing assignments for them.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    This is our 2nd year with T4L. I love it. My suggestion is to use the 7th-8th Language Arts esp. with the extra resources for the novels- he could read the full books.The teaching guides (access from the parent login) are awesome and have many pages that can be printed out and extra unit study style activities.

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