Answer keys for 3rd and 5th grade?
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    Question Answer keys for 3rd and 5th grade?

    Hi, perhaps I'm missing something really obvious but I'm trying to find the answer keys for the quizzes for (for instance) for "5th grade Language Arts - Vocabulary Skills - Synonyms - Synonyms: Quiz 1". However the "Lesson Plans, Answer Keys and Printable Materials" says that there are none available. Do I understand correctly that there just are not any answer keys for most of this grade and we, as the teacher, need to know/figure out the correct answers to the quiz so as to help our child know what he did wrong on the questions he misses? I apologize if I'm just missing something or don't understand. Thank you for any help you can give us!

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    The answer keys in the lesson plans are for the printable worksheets.

    Many of the tests and quizzes are different each time they are attempted. This conforms to the common practice of not giving the exact same test twice. For that reason, it would be
    difficult to provide answer keys for the online activities.

    Members who weren't sure of an answer have posted the question here before, and we've figured it out together.

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