Appropriate levels for hyperlexic/Aspie 3yo?
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    Default Appropriate levels for hyperlexic/Aspie 3yo?

    Hi, I just joined this week and started my nearly-6yo kindergartener on T4L. He's enjoying it, but I think I need to get his little brother his own account so they can work separately.

    Simon is 3 1/2, hyperlexic and probably on the autism spectrum. He can read out loud at, I'd guess, a 2nd or 3rd grade level, but he won't understand most of what he's reading. He can count to a million forwards and backwards and taught himself the times tables, but I don't think he understands what multiplication means, or what fractions are.

    I'm not sure whether he belongs at a level appropriate to his technical performance or to his abstract understanding. Any advice?

    I'm not trying to push him academically, by the way - he loves this kind of thing and will do it just for fun, and I'm afraid he's going to go in and do all the lessons for his brother when I'm not looking, if I don't get him his own account. LOL

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    Unless you opt for the preschool program, you will have easy access to one level above and one below his registered level. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to "try" different levels. I would normally suggest that a preschooler not begin above preschool level, but it sounds like you do have some special things to consider with your son.

    You can also jump from one level to another, further customizing his experience.

    As far as reading, you can select specific reading lessons according to your goals for your son. If your intent is to improve his comprehension (it seems strange to be discussing comprehension issues concerning a three-year-old ), you can pick and choose just the comprehension exercises. If your goal is for him to have fun practicing reading, you can just select the reading lessons.

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    My older son (now 10) was like this at age 3 (and he's an Aspie too). I'm wondering about trying to provide something totally different for your 3 1/2 yo, so your older son doesn't feel usurped by his younger brother. I don't know your family dynamic, but it could cause some nasty rivalry in future if they're both doing the same program. Our 7 yo 2nd grader, who is neurotypical, is experiencing a lot of self-confidence problems because he feels soooo far behind his older brother. I would suggest, since he is only 3 1/2, that you offer him his very own T4L-like program, and set him up on, or MightyBookJr, or, or something that could be his very own thing--there is so much on-offer out there now. Then you avoid the competition issue altogether, and they can each shine in their own arenas.

    Good luck--he sounds like a handfull!


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