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    Default New and questions with Story Creator

    I have been doing T4L for a week now. Well... I haven't, my son has The first couple days I sat right next to him and we navigated through the entire session. We are using LA and Math to supplement some of our own curriculum. None the less....

    The past two days he keeps saying that he is getting kicked off. One of which was the story creator before he finished his story. I tried to get on and see if it would take him back to where he left off but it started him all over again to start a new story.

    Writing is one of his weakest and most frustrating subjects and so I really don't want him to spend time on something that will not give him credit. On the portfolio it reports incomplete, but no way to go back and complete it?

    As for kicking him off... wondering what the screen is that says "Lesson Time" in big underlined bold letters that seems to be under the screen with the icons for subjects and never goes away. Should he be going in through that screen?

    I just wan to make sure that we are using this the most efficiently as possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help~

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    Default Re: New and questions with Story Creator

    The Story Creator stories aren't saved. If your student wants a record of them, he will need to print them before exiting the activity, although the activity will show up as "Complete" in his portfolio if he exits correctly.

    The program is built around several open windows. Maybe, instead of getting booted off, your student's active window is simply beneath the "Lesson Time" window you refer to. This would be easy to do with a misplaced click. Check for minimized windows the next time this happens.

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