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    We really need a way to place lessons into the assignments folder. It would be great to have it so that you put a day's lesson in the folder so that the child would be directed to what you what him to do that day. He would have a sense of accomplishment for completing that day's tasks.

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    I agree. Also, it would be nice if there was consistency in the "mastered" vs. "completed" indicators. My daughter just Mastered a section, but there are two subsections still labled only "completed." She redid those with 100% scores on both the 5 question lesson quiz and the subject quiz, but the subsection still says completed.

    So for now, I just tell her to do the next section including the quiz.

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    I agree jalex1611!

    Not to take away from the scope and sequence (lesson plans) because they are GREAT (and thanks to T4L for adding them!) BUT after we review the scope and sequence and choose the lessons for our child to do, we need the ability to place those lessons in the assignments folder. I would LOVE to be able to do this the night before so when my son logs on the next morning, his lessons for the day are all lined out and ready to go!

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