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    Hi everyone! I have a 1st grader who I homeschool. We had been using T4L until we moved from NC to MO at the beginning of this year. I have sent an email trying to reactivate my account and hopefully will be back on track by Monday! Anyways, I LOVE the fact that you can print complete unit studies here, do you guys all take advantage of them as well? Sometimes I do have a hard time find all 5 books for the week, sometimes I can't find any lol but I just generally try to wing it or use the additional books listed on one of the last pages! I do wish the math was a little deeper in depth, as I was really struggling with him. If he didn't get something, there just wasn't anything else there to help...so I will probably be going with Saxon math for 2nd grade and using T4L as a treat

    Anyways, just thought I would say hello! I've missed T4L!

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    One resource we have used a lot for additional practice or worksheets is www.edhelper.com . They have all kinds of subject matter and worksheets available to customize and/or print off as is. They have all grades. I am typically extremely frugal (aka "cheap!") but edhelper is one of the few resources I purchase each year regardless of what else changes.

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