Beginning our 2nd week
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    Smile Beginning our 2nd week

    We started our 2nd week of Time4Learning this morning, and I have to say, we LOVE it!! My oldest son wanted to do the growing mold experiment in science, and printed up an extra experiment log for his little brother so he could do it too. So, now we have 8 pieces of bread in sealed plastic bags in our house, 4 of them with damp paper towels, and 4 of them in a shoe box, trying to see which ones will grow mold the fastest. Both kids are really excited about seeing what will happen. I LOVE watching them when they actually LIKE to learn!!! These are the things I'd miss if I was sending them to school every day.

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    Beth, I can FEEL your enthusiasm!

    That's one of the things I like about homeschooling, too! We have FUN with school. Do you have a microscope that you can look at that mold under when you're finished? It's very interesting to view that way.

    I have found that my younger kids learn a lot just by watching what their older siblings are doing, and that sounds like what's happening at your house. How nice of your older son to specifically include his little brother!

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