big mistakes in 2nd grade lesson plans pages on
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    Default big mistakes in 2nd grade lesson plans pages on

    I was looking at the social studies 2nd grade curriculum overview to find a lesson for Martin Luther King Day tomorrow. According to the Scope and Sequence page, there is a social studies lesson called National Holidays that includes MLK - not so! The only lesson that actually exists is a Presidents' Day lesson, and there is nothing about MLK in it, even though the lesson plan says there is.

    Also, there are big problems with the Language Arts Extension Lesson Plans. They are incomplete and don't show what will be covered with each lesson. Looks like someone forgot to finish that page. Very frustrating for a new parent trying to decide between doing Language Arts versus the Language Arts extensions. How am I supposed to figure out where to start my daughter when I can't see what skills are covered in what unit? The Language Arts lesson plans are intact but not the Language Arts Extension plans. I hope T4L will give this some attention.

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    You are right! There is an error in the description of the National Holidays lesson. Thanks so much for letting us know. I'll report it so it can be corrected.

    The language arts extensions lesson plans for second grade look complete to me. The description is within the activity name. Each unit follows the same format: Factual information about the unit topic (i.e. "spiders" or "hurricanes"), followed by a (usually fictional) story on the topic, comprehension questions, and a quiz. Then, there are a variety of activities designed to practice a certain phonetic sound. Each sound is indicated in the lesson plans. Following the phonics activities, there is a reader that focuses on the sound being studied, a writing activity using Story Creator, and another quiz.

    The language arts extensions are very good supplements to the science and social studies, since they are all based around a science or social studies topic. I like to have my kids complete the available science and social studies lessons, and then begin the language arts extensions.

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