Can I turn off 6th grade math audio???
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    Default Can I turn off 6th grade math audio???

    The "teacher" voice goes WAY TOO FAST for my delayed 14-yr-old to keep up with her 6th grade math lessons on new material. And I found the "Just take your time....No need to rush....(Am I bugging you enough times while you're trying to explain this to your kid?")..." interruptions to be too much and simply turned down the audio.

    However, if my child turns down the audio, she could miss something (because I won't necessarily be there to explain it to her).

    So is there a way to TURN OFF those annoying interruptions while my kiddo is thinking and working out the problem? (It takes her longer to gather her notes (find the formulas) and begin working the problems. All of those interruptions just distract and frustrate her.

    I'd also like a way to PAUSE the lessons so that she can see what they just explained to her (but way too fast). Some kids just don't process as fast and need to absorb what they are seeing before moving on. Instead, all it lets us do is either "I've got it, let's go" (move on) or "Show me again" (for a repeat of the ENTIRE concept rather than just the one thing she wanted more time to see/absorb.

    Very frustrating. We much prefer Khan Academy for math because he speaks slower and goes over the SAME concept several times. (And I do encourage her to look up the concept on Khan for a better explanation and demo of it.) Today it was finding the area of an irregular shape (like a circle missing a chunk where a triangle is. She was supposed to find the area of the circle first, then the area of that little triangle, then subtract the triangle's area from the circle's area to get the shaded circle portion around the triangle. Very hard for her, but would have been easier if the "Here's how you find the area of a circle" section had gone slower or allowed her to pause it to remind her how to do that. Then the remaining steps might have seemed easier.)
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