Can you feel the love?
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    Default Can you feel the love?

    Don't really know where to post this since there isn't a forum for "Moms Who Just Want To Hug and Make Cookies for the Creators of Time4Learning" But I have to say a month into it- WOW! I love this program!

    I am one of those old veteran homeschoolers - 15 + years. After having to put my two youngest in school for the last three years and all the garbage that entailed, I decided to come back home to homeschooling. I certainly know how to create my own curriculum - but WHY???? I mean, this is a really terrific wheel that has been invented - why mess with it?

    Sure I tweak a few things - my kids love to have detailed schedules and I make up some of my own worksheets. We watch educational dvd's that go with the subject matter, and thanks to the great record keeping T4L provides, I have time to actually plan out hands on projects (which I love).

    However - the proof is in the pudding. Today my two children and I were in a store and the clerk asked the kids if they liked homeschooling. My ears perked up as I listened unnoticed from an aisle close-by. I couldn't help but smile when they both replied, "we love it!".

    Thanks for a terrific program - I believe it helps provide a great homeschool experience from the novice to the grizzled old vet like me

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    Cara, thanks for sharing that! I feel much the same. I think I could have probably written your third paragraph.

    We'll get right on providing a forum with your suggested title!

    "Do you like homeschooling?" is one of those questions our kids deal with frequently, isn't it?

    Welcome to the forum, from one "grizzled old vet" to another!
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