Can you skip a lesson?
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    Default Can you skip a lesson?


    My daughter has no desire to read several versions of the same story. If I have here read the Read To Myself version do I have to go through all of the other versions to complete the lessons. Please say it isn't so!



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    Default Re: Can you skip a lesson?

    Time4Learning is completely flexible. You and your child can tailor the program to your preferences. You can skip lessons, or just parts of them, if you want. You can also expand on the lessons with extra activities.

    Many lessons do build upon the previous, so you (the parent) should probably review the lesson in question to determine whether certain parts can be skipped without causing confusion.

    I believe your child will get the most of the program by doing at least the majority of the lessons as presented. We do skip some of the extra activities at times, but I like to have my child complete at least the core part of each lesson she is in.

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    Default Re: Can you skip a lesson?

    At the lower levels, stories are provided in a variety of formats because students are at vastly different reading levels. Choose the format that suits your student's ability and skip the rest. If she's reading already, she should do the "I Can Read" or "Read By Myself" versions. Some people wonder about the difference in those two versions. One allows the student to click on words they don't know and have them read to her. The other is doesn't have that feature.

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