Can't believe the changes in my child
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    Default Can't believe the changes in my child

    I have been using T4L for only a week and a half now and can not get over the changes in my child and the range of emotions I am having. My son is a 6th grader who is very bright but who struggled with reading and writing. His comprehension is fantastic. The problem I now know was what I had been telling the school from the beginning, a lack of phonetic awareness. I have added a remediation phonetic program to our schedule and after just 4 lessons he is outraged at what he wasn't given in the school setting. I am outraged that they got to label my son when it was actually a teaching disability with the reading being taught much less phonetically these days. After just three days on T4L my son was standing taller, laughing more, cracking jokes and became the child I forgot I had lost. School had been as he said "ruining his childhood". We are both in awe of how much he gets accomplished in just 3 hours a day. Our plan had been to home school him through middle school and focus on correcting the phonetic deficits and return to public school for high school. After 3 days my son came to me and told me to prepare myself that he might not ever go back.... I have never been so happy at what I am now able to provide him, while at the same time crying my heart out over the lost time and damage the school system created. I can not believe the child who gave me so much trouble with homework is now taking so much responsibility for his lessons and is loving learning again. I can't believe that he went to school daily for 6.5 days a week and stayed after 90 minutes for 3 days a week for a reading program that (I later found out) was for comprehension not the phonetic work he needed. I am so proud of how hard he worked in the school setting and that he was able to make honor roll each time, but at the same time I am sad for the stress and anxiety and self esteem damage. One I get past this rush of emotions, I am laughing at the present and crying, mourning the damaged past, I intend to write a letter to the superintendent explaining specific areas in which their system failed a child who is so intelligent that he scored the highest in his school for science and math on statewide testing.... Had he continued, I am convinced he would have been a high school drop out. Thanks for letting me vent!

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    Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a good grasp of your son's needs. He's fortunate to have a mom who won't stop until she has it figured out!

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    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have many happy homeschooling days ahead!
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