Changing a Grade level?
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    Default Changing a Grade level?

    My son started today, we just signed up and put him in Kindergarten. Well he has been adding and subtracting and even multiplying some for a while and so it started him on the really simple counting and matching the numbers with how many. Well i noticed on the quiz he was just guessing so he ended up only getting 60%. But I think its because its too easy for him. I asked him and he said it was too easy but some were hard. I think hes only saying that though because he missed some. But I KNOW he just guessed on those, I saw him. Should I move him up to 1st grade or is that too advanced?

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    this is kind of a toughie, as really only you know his heart and what he's doing ...

    in our house, we don't go on unless they can prove to me that they have indeed mastered a skill. for us, education isn't just knowledge we pound into theirs heads, but its a form of obedience, as well. and learning how to take pride in your work. imho, "guessing" isn't doing that. *shrug*

    but if you really do think its just because of boredom, try the upper level. if he does well and pays more attention, you'll have the answer. if he doesn't give the lessosn they attention they deserve, you'll know where you stand with him.

    good luck!!
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    Before beginning first grade math, a child should be comfortable with numbers from 1-100 (should usually be able to count to 100 with minimal help . . . should know the "pattern" counting follows . . . should understand quantity well enough to realize he could fit five marbles in his hand but would have trouble fitting ninety . . . and that type of thing).

    I sit with my young children while they do their math. The lessons are short, so this is a good time for me to relax with a cup of coffee! If you don't want to sit with your child on a regular basis, you might consider watching him a few times, to see if he is rushing through or what the problem might be.

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