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    Default changing settings for five year old

    my name is Michelle Flowers. I am new to T4L! Right now, we are on the trial-and I love it! We are a homeschooling family here in Milledgeville, Georgia! I have two boys! Wesley is five and Will is three! Wesley started reading at four. Although we read to him since he was about six months, he is basically self taught! We worked some on Starfall and had Leap DVD's. I bought a box of sight words flashcards and was totally surprised that he knew 70 out of 100! That was after he had turned four! Now, he is reading at about a third grade level. There are some long words he has trouble with, but other than that he does pretty well! He also learned many other things at an early age. I would not call him gifted but more like a fast learner.
    My question is I don't know whether to keep him at first grade level for language or second grade. He knows how to do all the work. He even comments on how easy it is. I just thought that he would need to know what certain endings or beginnings are like for spelling. Of course he knows how they sound, but I am wondering about spelling. Will going through all of the lessons(even though he knows how to read) help him in the future to spell? My niece who is a first grade teacher keeps saying that her students learn phonics to help them spell. Even if they know how to read, she emphasizes that knowing the rules will help them spell. Am I making sense??
    If these lessons are not a challenge to him, how do I jump him up to a third grade level? I know you can change settings- we have second grade available. I really don't want him to jump up in math. He knows a lot in the first grade level. There are some things he needs to learn. How do I keep him at first grade level for math and move him to third grade language? Or is that not possible?

    Hope I have made myself clear! Wesley does know his phonics. I know some know how to read just from sight and whole lauguage.
    Should I spend(waste) time going through it all?

    Thanks for such a great site!
    Michelle Flowers

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    Hi, Michelle. Welcome!

    To request a permanent change in your studen't educational level, log in as a parent. Click on "Update a Child's Educational Level".

    You might want to have your student do the tests before assuming the lessons are not challenging enough. Some students learn quickly, and that's great . . . but it doesn't necessarily mean they already know the material. If that's the case, it would probably be a mistake to skip it altogether.

    If he does great on the tests without first doing the lessons, then it's probably safe to assume he's already mastered that material.

    I do agree that mastering phonics helps somewhat with spelling later on, although we all know that there are a lot of exceptions to phonics rules in our English language. My personal opinion is that reading A LOT is the most important thing a child can do to help with spelling.

    Others will probably be along shortly to give their opinions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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