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    Its been a week and we are navigating T4L fairly well. There is one thing that over whelms me the completed assignments. Is there a better way to keep track of what my child has done and passed? When she does not get a 70 or better we make her redo the less and quiz until she gets a better grade. What I am finding is I am having a hard time making sure each scheduled class is done with an appropriate grade. Especially when she jumps into a lesson and doesn't complete it because it's the wrong day. Or she takes a quiz several different times. I go to the list and of course it gets longer and longer and as the week goes on it gets more confusing to figure out what is good and what isn't.
    Just checking to see if there is something else that is out there that would make tracking easier.

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    Hey, I think you are looking at the Recent Work tab instead of the Reports tab within your parent login. The Recent Work tab is the default, and it shows all program access . . . even incompleted assignments, or times when she went into an assignment, realized it was the wrong one, and backed right out.

    You want to click on the purple Reports tab at the top when you have logged in to Student Reports in your parent account. Only COMPLETED work will show up here! You can generated a report that shows only one subject, all subjects, just a specific date range, and so forth. This should make it much easier for you to see what she has actually completed.

    Be sure she knows how to mark each type of activity as Complete, so it will show up in her Reports. Here is how to do that: Hints! - Homeschool & Supplementary Online Education Help from Time4Learning .

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