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    Default Completed Versus Mastered

    I love T4L but it can be confusing to me, can anybody answer me this question,
    when my child has finnish a lesson sometimes it says "completed" and sometimes it says "mastered" does anybody know why..I mean if they have all been done then why don't they all say Mastered?

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    Default Re: question

    Do you mean for this to be in the Time4Learning Q&A or Time4Writing? On the regular Time4Learning, if the section is completed better than 70% it will say mastered.

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    Default Re: Completed Versus Mastered

    Where do you find the mastered and/or completed folders? I can only find the folders that show completed . My daughter has scored 90 and 100%. It only shows that my daughter has completed the lesson with her score above 70%.

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    Default Re: Completed Versus Mastered

    There are two "mastered" and "completed" designations,which can be confusing.

    First, there are the lesson icons. They will be marked "Mastered" if the student completes the TEST that is associated with those icons with a score of 70% or above. Because Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats, there are exceptions to this, but that is generally how it works.

    Then, there is the student report. Lesson activities on the report will be designated as "Mastered" if the student obtains a score of 80% above on the individual activity. This is done consistently on the reports, regardless of lesson format.

    The lesson icons, with checkmarks, "Completed", and "Mastered" indicators, along with the flashing arrow, and intended to help students keep their place in the program and to provide encouragement and motivation to the student. Parents should rely on information in the reports to assess their student's progress.

    Please be sure you are not confusing the actual Reports with the Recent Work. The portfolio defaults to the Recent Work tab, which shows all program access (even parent previews or incomplete lesson activities). Information remains here for a maximum of one month. It's a good place to do a quick check, but the Reports tab is the place to find progress information.

    Only completed work appears in the Reports tab and parents are able to highly customize the kind of report they wish to receive. Information should remain in the Reports tab indefinitely. Because nothing is perfect, Time4Learning does recommend that parents print a weekly report.

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