Computer work enough or should I print up additionnal worksheets?
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    Question Computer work enough or should I print up additionnal worksheets?

    DS1 is starting kindergarten in the fall. Right now he is in a kindergarten readiness class two days a week. He is doing very well in the program. He absolutely loves school and is sad he can't go everyday. In response to this I have started the kindergarten program with him. He thinks its fun and totally doesn't realize that he is learning.
    My question is, since I am not using this program as a primary education source and he will be going to public school is it ok, to just have him use this program strictly on the computer or should I also print up some additonal worksheets? He gets plenty of worksheets to do in his Kindergarten readiness program,so I was thinking working on the computer would be enough for now.
    What are your thoughts?

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    As a supplement to another school program, I would think the online material would be sufficient. At this age, you want to present learning as something that is FUN, so don't push the worksheets. If he WANTS to do additional worksheets, there's certainly no harm! Log in as a parent and look at the lesson plans. There are some printable teaching guides that include worksheets available there.

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    My children are in public school and we use this as enrichment. I have found that sometimes they don't want to be on the computer - so the worksheets are great. I can also pick & choose which worksheet an it's great as review and keeping what they've learned fresh. If it's a short one, it also takes a lot less time than a computer lesson.... which is nice sometimes too!

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