Confused about the point of the "Lesson Plan"
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    Question Confused about the point of the "Lesson Plan"

    Just getting started here and figuring things out pretty well, all except the lesson plan feature. It seems kind if pointless to me. It doesn't actually know when a lesson has been completed. I have to go in and manually check off the lessons that have been completed already. So that's is just busy work for me that I don't need and don't have time for. Plus, I cant print it as a guide for my daughter because the .pdf version doesn't remember the checked "Done" marks so printing it is of no real value. I guess if I wanted to it and watch her do each and every assignment I could check them done as she goes, but again, that's just busy work.

    Is there something real obvious I am missing here? Or is it really a useless function? If completed tasks would be removed from the list that would help. Something to make missed tasks obvious. My daughter skipped every Quiz and chapter test for every assignment she did today. When I caught it hours later she stated that she knew he got it right and didn't see the need for a test. Grrr! I don't need her deciding that! Help T4L!


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    Hi Loren, When I first began with T4L, I use to copy/paste the Lesson Plans to Word. Then I was able to check them off or highlight that they were completed. A few years ago, I started using Homeschool Tracker and at the beginning of a course, I transfer the info from the plan into that and assign/check off from there. Some people use the Activity Scheduler, but what I didn't like about that is you set up the year with the start/end dates and it works it out for you as far as how many activities per week. However, it doesn't seem to take into account that some of these Odyssey Writer assignments can be lengthy and it may have you trying to do 3-4 in a week in each subject--too many essays for my kids in a single week. Also, if you loose weeks due to illness, vacation, etc., I found you couldn't reorder the assignments that are left--you can put in the new starting date--but it doesn't pick up where you left off, instead, reorders them from the beginning of the course again--using completed assignments too. I usually print one out at the beginning of the school year though, to use as a guide, but I find the Word/Homeschool Tracker easier, frankly. The other use I have for the lesson plan is to see what they will be covering and try to locate other materials to go along with it--videos from Discovery Ed or things like that. Hope this helps. Lee

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    Loren, I think you might be referring to the activity scheduler. Time4Learning has always provided an arrow to point out the recommended sequence for lesson activities, along with lesson plans/scope and sequence so parents know how many lesson activities are included in each subject at each grade level. That way, parents could take a look at the number of lesson activities, decide how many days are in their school year, and determine how many activities to tell their student to complete each day.

    New members often found it challenging to develop a schedule this way, so Time4Learning added the activity scheduler as an additional tool for those who choose to use it.

    Some parents like to just print the lesson plans/scope and sequence and check off items on that document when they are completed. Others simply keep track online.

    Time4Learning offers many tools and a lot of information. Families are free to use whatever fits their style.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    what is "homeschool tracker"?

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