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    Default Creating Assignments

    I am trying to figure out how this all works. How do the children know what assignments to do? Do I write the assignments out or do they just go in order from what is on the computer. For instance they do the first lesson in language, then the next one, etc. Can they skip around assignments? Or is there a logic order that must be followed? I appreciate your input. Tami

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    Hi, Tami! Welcome to the forum.

    Be sure to read the Hints. They are very helpful with getting started.

    Also check out this information from the bottom of your student's login page:

    Are you a new Time4Learning parent? Here’s how to get started...
    One of the best ways to get started is to give it a try. We can write about how Time4Learning works or create different demos of Time4Learning but frankly, you will learn more, faster by just logging in and starting to use it. Time4Learning is surprisingly simple to use.

    To start, login as a child and you’ll see a series of subjects to pick. You pick what subject to start with and click on that icon. Then you’ll see chapter icons . The blinking yellow arrow will show you which folder and lesson to start with. After completing a learning activity, the arrow will advance pointing you towards the next one.

    If you want a little more orientation before starting, look at the online hints. Also, the hints are good to look at after a few weeks to more fully understand the features. The hints section includes useful info such as how assignments work and how to get started.

    Basically, if you choose to do everything sequentially, you just keep clicking where the arrow points until you reach a lesson activity. The program is designed to be done sequentially, but many families do skip around. There's nothing wrong with that, but you should disregard the arrow if you choose to skip around.

    You can either assign your student a certain amount of time to work before going to the Playground, or assign a certain number of lesson activities. Time4Learning provides a lesson timer at the lower levels.

    If you choose to assign a specific number of lesson activities, look at the lesson plans. You can divide the number of lesson activities in a subject by the number of days in your school year to get an idea of how much your student needs to do each day in order to finish during the school year. To access the lesson plans, log in as a parent and click on Time4Learning Lesson Plans under the"Additional Resources" heading at the bottom of the page.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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