Creating a Student Planner that works?
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    Default Creating a Student Planner that works?

    Hello, we have really enjoyed using T4L so far. We have one glitch. My son is HFA (high functioning autistic). He works great when left alone with a plan to complete, and has the freedom to ask for help if/when he gets stuck. Our issue: Because T4L accommodates going at the pace of the student so well, we often find we need to change his student plan for the day, week, etc. T4L planner DOES NOT accommodate this. There is no way to roll lessons forward, backward, skip a day at a time, etc. My son needs to be able to look at his daily plan, and know what to complete for the day. Telling him to complete 4 assignments in a subject does not work. He needs the details.

    Does anyone use an alternate planner for their child? If so, what do you use? How do you use it with T4L?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Default Re: Creating a Student Planner that works?

    I agree that the planner doesn't accommodate change very well. It can be edited now, though. You might not want to edit it that often.

    Can you print the scope and sequence and tell him to do, for example, the next two activities in language arts, the next two activities in social studies, the next one activity in math, etc. and let him check them off the scope and sequence himself?

    Or, can you refer to the scope and sequence and make him a list to check off each day that includes the lesson activity numbers from the next two activities in language arts, the next two in social students and so forth? My son also has autism (low functioning, due to having Down syndrome too), and he would do better just having the numbers to look at and copy instead of the whole scope and sequence to distract him. Such a list would take mere moments to make if you had the scope and sequence in front of you.

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