Deschooling the Parent
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    Default Deschooling the Parent

    Hello to all!

    My name is Sandie and I have just joined Time4Learning this past August. My son Jacob is 9 years old and began 4th grade this school year. He has Asperger's, Epilepsy and Asthma. A triple threat! I was tired of the threats and letters from the school every year when he came close missing the "required' school days because of illness. I also got tired of the lack of one on one that he needs because of his Autism.

    I started a search online for homeschooling and autism and came across this wonderful site! He LOVES the animated lessons. I did learn something very interesting. He did better on his lessons when I left him alone then when I sat with him side by side...LOL. I was a distraction!! Now I just hang out in the room and help when HE wants it.

    I also had to learn to "deschool" myself as well as him. I thought I had to have this rigid 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. school day and I would get tremendous anxiety when things did not go to plan. I thought I was making him lag behind. After reading thru the forum, I see that I do not have to have such a complicated school schedule and I learned to RELAX a bit. Now it is just a matter of going thru each day to see what works best for Jacob. I am so glad to be a part of this program and ANY suggestions from the homeschool "pro's" would greatly be appreciated.


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    Welcome, Sandy!

    I was actually one of those parents who started out very relaxed and became more scheduled each year. I began homeschooling my older two sons, who were then starting 3rd and 5th, when I was big pregnant with my now 8yo. So, I went from being really pregnant to having a newborn. I was just excited to have the big guys home. As the infant grew to a toddler, I became more scheduled, so that I had a better handle on what we needed to accomplish. Then, when I had a little learner, a child in junior high, and a child in high school, I needed check lists to keep up with everyone. Last year my oldest left for college, but I took on an extra student two days a week, so I still had three (2nd, 5th, 11th). I thought I still needed that weekly schedule, so I made one. I found that I didn't use it as much as I had in the past. This year I still have my extra student (6th) and, of course, my youngest (3rd), but my middle is a senior. The senior is only doing LA4 with me. The rest of his classes are through dual enrollment. This summer, after I typed up the American history books that the little guy and the big guy were going to read, I just decided I didn't need to make detailed 36 week lesson plans this year. So, I have come full circle!

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